Rising, Rising, Rising Digital Download

Rising, Rising, Rising Digital Download

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Rising Rising Rising is Rorie's most recent full-length release featuring 13 tracks. Rorie calls this her "badass empowerment album" - it reflects her own journey of learning how to show up and be a friend to herself, and be her own knight in shining armor when no one else was showing up to do the job. In short, this album is about being your own hero. Let it take you on a journey. Please don’t forget that you deserve a hero and also that you are one.

(Looking for a physical CD? Here's the link)


Track listing:

01. Lady Of The Harvest Moon

02. The Weather

03. Don't Give In

04. If You Teach A Bird To Sing

05. Searchlights

06. Coyote

07. Face Not In The Crowd

08. Supermoon

09. Everywhere I Go

10. I Got This

11. Less Than Three

12. Eyes Of Gray

13. Vulture