I WANT IT ALL! Complete Digital Discography Download

I WANT IT ALL! Complete Digital Discography Download

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The complete collection. Everything Rorie has ever released in digital format.

Get all four full length albums, the early acoustic EP "Autumn Has Gone", as well as the special holiday EP "Snowflakes & Starlight" and all three exclusive digital singles in one single download, at a discounted rate.

This download contains:
-Autumn Has Gone: Early Acoustic Tracks (5 track EP)
-Wish Upon a Bottlecap (Rorie's debut album!)
-Sincerely Live (Rorie's live album featuring fan favorites plus never before heard tracks)
-Rising Rising Rising (Rorie's 2016 "badass empowerment" album)
-Snowflakes & Starlight (3 track holiday EP)
-Shadow Work (Rorie's newest album about getting real, healing wounds, and shining a light in the darkness)

-plus 4 exclusive digital singles: Fall to Feel it, Alternative Facts, Miss Me With Your Misogyny, and Make It Count!

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